The RunLiverpool Marathon returns on Sunday, 9th October 2011 after a gap of some 18 years with 12,000 runners taking to the city's streets.

About RunLiverpool

The company that is now L1310K (the ‘runliverpool’ initiative) has its origins dating back to the mid- nineties when the voluntary team that put on the Liverpool International Half Marathon moved to take over the Garston 10K.

After six or seven years delivering a single event an opportunity arose to combine the half marathon with the established 10K in the south end of the city which were staged within weeks of each other.

The idea to create a bigger event with wider runner appeal was a success from the outset and within two years achieved a turnout of just over 7,000 entries. In 2005 there was an enquiry from the London Marathon who asked to take over the delivery of the Liverpool Half Marathon and an agreement was reached for them to do so.

L1310K was given the 10K element back to deliver in 2005 and the company took a slightly different direction and hosted just the 10K and Santa Dash which was created in 2004. With the upsurge in interest in road running at the time, L1310K was invited to bring back the Tunnel 10K along with taking over delivery of the established Women’s 10K and old Corporate Cup events.

In 2007 the London Marathon Company withdrew from the city and gave the Half Marathon back to L1310K and the event portfolio had subsequently grown to seven events over a relatively short space of time.

In 2006 initial discussion was undertaken about a marathon event for the city but the debate didn’t really go anywhere. The discussion was revived in 2009 after the apparent success of 2008 and the European Capital of Culture year but again no decision could be reached about the viability of a marathon event.

Fast forward to August 2010 and the ‘runliverpool’ initiative was shortlisted to deliver a new marathon event in October 2011.

L1310K is managed by Alan Rothwell who has been a keen runner for more than 30 years. Alan was born and bred in Liverpool attending Anfield County Primary School and John Hamilton High School in Everton. For a similar period of time Alan worked in the advertising industry before making a complete career change at the age of 50 to concentrate of developing the first class portfolio of events we have in Liverpool.

The ‘runliverpool’ office has recently located operate on the first floor office suite at the Natterjack Running Centre in North John Street in the city centre. With a very busy schedule ahead in 2011 L1310K is in a great place to continue building a great legacy for the city. What started out as just a hobby has certainly turned out to be something of a’ busmans holiday’ and with more than 40,000 entries expected this year a successful business venture as well!


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