One of the things that Liverpool is known for is the Liverpool marathon, this event has people all over the world signing up to take part. A road race that started up in 2011 has grown to be one of the most sought-after activities to do when visiting Liverpool. The Rock ‘n Marathon has unfortunately been discontinued. However, there are other great things to do when in the country, apart from running in a race.

Things You Can Do When In Liverpool

Taking a guided tour through Liverpool is the best way to get to sightsee and experience the wonders that Liverpool has to offer. This way you to explore the city’s amazing architectural buildings. The best thing to come out of Liverpool is that The Beatles were founded in the city. If you are a die-hard Beatles fan you can make a pilgrimage to the city. The city is also known for its theatre shows and offers a wide variety of genres to meet everyone’s individual tastes.

Liverpool is also known for its great outdoor spaces which are family-friendly. Depending on the season that you visit, there are always areas that are open for picnics, entertainment, and relaxing. The city itself is a family-friendly environment, catering to older and younger people alike. There are always activities available for the whole family to partake in which will make the vacation a memorable one.

When Is The Best Time To Visit The City

The best time of the year to do Liverpool sightseeing is between the months of May and October. The reason for this is that the weather is ideal and prices of hotels will be much cheaper, as the UK is usually busier around January, June and July. In winter, it is much cheaper to spend your Christmas in the UK as most people don’t enjoy traveling when it is winter.