Whether you are a seasoned marathon runner, a social weekly runner, or just go for the odd jog every now and then, having the correct footwear is essential. The footwear you choose will add to your total running experience, your running shoes can either make or break your whole running experience. Imagine running a 42km marathon in uncomfortable shoes. There could be nothing worse! Ending your run with blisters all over your feet, sore toes, and aching heels is enough to put you off running for good!

The correct footwear will make your run pleasant while giving your feet the ultimate protection they need. Running shoes need just the right amount of cushioning for the front of the foot and the heel that is able to absorb more or less four times your body weight. Hard shoes that send a shock up your leg every time you take a stride are a big NO NO!

What should I look for when purchasing new running shoes?

As when you are choosing any kind of shoe, whether it be running, playing football or even skiing, you need to know what you are looking for.

Looking for a new pair of running shoes can be a very overwhelming task. The number of different brands and different styles out there is countless and it is difficult to know where to even start. A few things to look for would include: 

Different types of Running Shoes

Road running and trail running shoes are very different. Road running shoes are designed to absorb shock when you are running on a hard surface such as a tar road. This is designed to protect your joints. 

Trail running shoes are designed to run on hard and uneven surfaces and terrain. You need better grip when trail running and these shoes offer better traction at the toes and the heel. Trail running shoes are designed to withstand the muddiest of trails and offer the runner support in any weather condition. Like ski boots need to offer protection to skiers in the snow and add to the joyous experience they have skiing, running shoes are similar in that they need to offer protection and support to the runner on the long road marathons and trail runs they take part in. Just like running shoes can be bought online, ski boots and other skiing apparel can be purchased at highlife.ie.